How We Do It

BlueHour blends modern approaches and traditional business values.

We are reimagining many of the traditions around business and IT professional and advisory services practices.

• Simple, meaningful ways to have skin in the game based on delivering business outcomes
• New ways to handle discovery, scoping, timelining, and pricing

We always focus and measure our work on 3 “key” metrics—revenues, costs and risks.

We value deep relationships forged by trust and mutual success.

Let’s get it done and have some fun.

Get Digital Business Right.

Make value your North star

At BlueHour, we’re value-based, value-centric, and value-obsessed. This means we help you continuously eliminate valueless cost and invest in meaningful value.

Leverage data to set your course and keep score

When you get data right, it’s gold. Data informs decisions, predicts markets, influences direction, inspires innovation and elevates outcomes. It can illuminate the path forward. Seismic change in your organization can mean a massive shift in your talent. Which skills do you move from Sell to Buy?

Enter BlueHour and AI.
Using algorithms and data on your current and future skills and needs, we can help you leverage AI to develop actionable, effective plans to meet your organization’s future goals.

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