Totality SaaS Platform

Totality is BlueHour’s flagship software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that provides a centralized and integrated environment for developing, deploying, and managing AI initiatives at scale. It empowers organizations to operationalize AI with greater speed, agility, and control, while ensuring alignment with business objectives and regulatory requirements.

The successful operationalization of AI in the enterprise is not just about technology, but also about people. As organizations embrace AI to drive transformative business outcomes, it is crucial to recognize and proactively manage the impact of AI on the workforce. To this end, our Totality SaaS platform is designed to empower organizations to navigate the people, jobs, and talent mobility aspects of AI adoption with confidence and care. 

Totality includes a comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities, such as: 

  • Cross-functional collaboration and alignment 
  • Data management and governance 
  • Explainable AI and ethical compliance 
  • Model development and testing 
  • Performance monitoring and optimization 
  • Portfolio management and prioritization (using our proprietary BUY-HOLD-SELL framework) 

Focusing on Hot Zones and Job Zones

Totality identifies AI HotZones–areas or use cases where AI can deliver the most significant business value and impact in an organization. By analyzing factors such as data availability, process complexity, and strategic alignment, Totality helps you prioritize their AI investments and focus on the opportunities that matter most.

It also helps organizations understand and manage the impact of AI on jobs and skills. It points out Job HotZones–the roles, skills, and competencies that are most likely to be affected by AI adoption, either through augmentation, transformation, or potential displacement.

By analyzing the intersection of AI HotZones and Job HotZones, Totality provides a crystal clear and comprehensive view of the workforce implications of their AI initiatives. This enables HR, the business, and IT leaders to proactively plan for and manage the talent and skill transitions required to support AI operationalization.

The Importance of Upskilling, Reskilling and “Keep-Skilling” 

Totality also helps you develop targeted talent strategies to ensure a smooth and successful transition by providing a range of capabilities for upskilling, reskilling, and keep skilling employees.

  • Upskilling refers to the process of enhancing an employee’s existing skills and capabilities to enable them to work effectively with AI and to take on new roles and responsibilities.
  • Re-skilling, on the other hand, involves helping employees acquire entirely new skills and capabilities to transition into different roles that are in high demand due to AI adoption. 
  • Keep-skilling is a unique concept pioneered by BlueHour that focuses on preserving and enhancing the core skills and competencies that will remain critical even in an AI-enabled organization. 

Totality supports upskilling, reskilling, and keep-skilling by providing personalized learning paths, skill gap analysis, and career development recommendations for each employee based on their current role, skills, and aspirations. It also enables HR and business leaders to track the progress and effectiveness of these talent initiatives and to make data-driven decisions about workforce planning and optimization.

Disentangling from “SELL” and Onboarding to “BUY”: Facilitating Internal Talent Mobility 

A key aspect of BlueHour’s approach to people, jobs, and talent in the age of AI is the concept of disentangling employees from “SELL” skills and jobs and onboarding them to “BUY” skills and jobs. As AI adoption progresses, certain skills and roles may become less relevant or valuable (the “SELL” category), while others will become increasingly critical and in-demand (the “BUY” category).

Totality facilitates this process by providing a BUY-HOLD-SELL framework for skills and jobs, similar to its framework for AI and IT portfolio management. This enables organizations to continuously assess the relevance and value of different skills and roles in light of their AI initiatives and to make proactive decisions about talent development and allocation.

For employees in the “SELL” category, Totality provides guidance and support for disentangling from their current roles and skills in a way that is empathetic, respectful, and growth-oriented. This may involve identifying alternative career paths within the organization, providing targeted reskilling and upskilling opportunities, and offering coaching and mentoring to help employees navigate the transition.

At the same time, Totality helps organizations identify and cultivate the skills and roles in the “BUY” category, which are critical for driving AI success and business value. This may involve developing new job descriptions and competency models, creating AI-focused career paths and learning programs, and leveraging internal talent marketplaces to match employees with new opportunities based on their skills and aspirations.

By facilitating the flow of talent from “SELL” to “BUY” skills and jobs, Totality enables

organizations to optimize their workforce configuration and to ensure that they have the right skills and capabilities in place to support their AI initiatives. This not only benefits the organization by driving AI success and value, but also benefits employees by providing them with new opportunities for growth, development, and impact.

Keeping Track with The BigBoard

To help enterprises navigate the journey to AI with greater transparency, agility, and precision, BlueHour Technology introduces the Big Board – a powerful new feature of its Totality platform. 

The Big Board is a comprehensive, real-time dashboard that provides a unified view of an organization’s AI operationalization progress, performance, and impact. It aggregates and  visualizes critical data points across multiple dimensions, including financial metrics, operational  KPIs, project portfolios, and organizational alignment. By offering a single source of truth for AI  initiatives, the Big Board empowers decision-makers to monitor, measure, and optimize their AI  investments with unprecedented clarity and confidence. 

But the BigBoard is more than just a reporting tool – it is a critical component of the constructive interference operating model. By providing a shared and transparent view of performance, the BigBoard enables organizations to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and hold themselves accountable for results.

It also serves as a powerful communication and change management tool, helping to build understanding, buy-in, and momentum for the AI transformation journey. It can also be used to distribute important communiques and updates from leadership to keep all stakeholders informed and aligned.

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