Setting Our Course

BlueHour is a new kind of company for the new world

A data-driven enterprise technology and advisory services platform that helps you achieve radical agility and create meaningful value.

Change is inevitable, but at BlueHour
5 things will always stay the same:


We lead with kindness.

Doing the right thing and doing what’s profitable aren’t mutually exclusive. It can’t be for a sustainable business.


We ask what if.

The status quo isn’t good enough. We foster curiosity and critical thinking, so we know when to push the boundaries and when to leave the wheel alone.


We do good business.

And good in the world. Respect goes a long way. From customers to stakeholders to employees, everyone deserves a seat at the table.


We listen, learn and act.

We do what we say, honoring commitments whether written, verbal or a handshake—all are equal and important. If we make a mistake, we listen, take action and come away better for it.


We do everything for a reason.

Work is a major part of our everyday lives; it should be meaningful and impactful.

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