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The time for change is now. But in a world where every company claims the same thing, BlueHour Technology is truly different. Here’s how.

The most overhyped marketing of a new firm is claiming uniqueness. Every firm does it to some extent, and here we are claiming it with BlueHour. But our newness is even in our name.

Every day, BlueHour, the time before dusk and dawn, ushers in something new. Similar to enterprises today, BlueHour is on the precipice of change, making it a time when anything is possible.

At BlueHour Technology, new is in our DNA; it is the foundation for all that we do. But we don’t stop there. We find value in the traditional, drawing on what came before us, evolving strategically over changing just for the sake of being different.

BlueHour blends modern approaches and traditional values to help organizations navigate new ways of doing business. BlueHour’s distinction is clear in our minds, but we hope our processes—and eventually our clients’ outcomes—will validate our unique value.

For starters, we are breaking new ground across IT Services, Business Solutions, and SaaS Solutions in these three (3) ways:

1. Innovative Professional Services Fees and Statement of Work structures

All our SOW pricing is tied to milestones, deliverables, and these key payment options.

Met Expectations You pay the fees for work performed at a Satisfactory Level at 100% of the stated fees.

Exceeded Expectations You’ll pay fees for work performed at an Exemplary Level at 120% of stated fees. We far exceeded your expectations, and the “bonus” payment of 20% is paid to the BlueHour employees that performed the SOW. At year-end, all “pooled” bonus payments will be bonused to the BlueHour employees directly dollar-for-dollar. This will reward and incentivize our employees and help drive client satisfaction.

Fell Short of Expectations Fees are discounted, and BlueHour gets a haircut fee of 80% of stated fees. We accept accountability and will examine all aspects of the work for learnings and improvements.

2. Open-Sourced Professional Services

Our software is adopted through an Open-Source mindset and operation. We see the same opportunities for continuous improvement through leveraging collective minds. Services firms do not own or create all the great ideas and approaches—people do. And these people cross the boundaries of Services firms, enterprise and SMB clients, universities and high schools, and gig economy workers. BlueHour strives to collect Open-Source IP across services and share them for collective benefit when possible.

3. People-first Company Structure

We believe people are the key. Here’s how we show we’re serious in that belief:

  • We treat our clients, employees, and stakeholders with mutual respect.
  • We value meritocracy.
  • We invest in training, mentoring, skillset expansion, and offering meaningful work. Life is too short not to find meaning in your work.
  • No one punches a clock, and no one needs to be in an office for work to get done.
  • We listen and act. If we make a mistake, we recognize it, remedy it, and move forward as wiser people.
  • We like interesting people that have intellectual curiosity and outstanding critical thinking skills.
  • We all like to laugh.
  • Our clients are our lifeblood and friends. Delivering business value and personal value are not mutually exclusive. We like seeing our friends earn promotions and find meaning through our collective work.
  • We do what we say we are going to do. Client commitments vary from written, to verbal, to handshakes. All are commitments equally important to meet or exceed.
  • Slow and Steady wins the race. Aesop got that right over 2,500 years ago, and we still honor that mindset.

BlueHour is innovative and different on Day 1. With our clients, we know that perpetual improvement and innovation are the only ways to ensure perpetual business relevancy.

Challenge us with your business opportunities, and you will feel the BlueHour difference.



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